Prisma finally arrives on Android

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Prisma finally arrives on Android

Prisma has become the new app sensation in a past few weeks. The iOS app that turns your photo into a painting was in beta stage for a few days. However, since July 25, it has finally made to the final and full featured version for its Android users.

You no longer need any beta invite to use it, all you have to do is open Google Play Store and grab it.


Prisma finally arrives on Android

Of course, Prisma is not the only app that transforms your pictures into an art like painting, sketches, etc. However, we must say its algorithm are far better than the previous apps who tend to do the same. Prisma’s algorithms give photos a “art-created-by-humans” touch.

Here are the stats that Prisma developers has released:

In such a short time over 400 million photos have been transformed using the app. On just Apple Store, it has crossed 10.6 million milestone. The number of daily active users is 1.55 million. The app is downloaded about 700k times a day.

Since the Prisma went viral on the internet, the founders without wasting any time started working on the Android users, and finally it’s here with all those features that are available in iOS version.

You can take a new photo from camera, choose a photo from your gallery, and apply 30 different filters on them.

The company is also working on a Video feature that will transform your videos too. While just being available on iOS some users have been complaining about app going unresponsive at some times because of the huge number of people using the app and overloading its servers. Since the Prisma uses server side processing to convert your photos, they must use more powerful servers, as now the number of users are going to be double with Android version release.

You can download Prisma from the Play Store now.