Pokémon Go becomes the most downloaded app

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Pokémon Go becomes the most downloaded app

Pokémon Go, the new augmented reality based game developed by Nintendo and Niantic Labs, is a free to play mobile game. It has been released recently on 5th of July in some countries including New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S.

The game has become massively popular in the first month of its launch. However, its popularity does not ends here. It is growing rapidly. And according to Apple, it has become the most downloaded mobile app within first week of its release. Apple has confirmed this, but has not provided any numbers yet.

And that’s not all. Within three days of its release, Pokémon GO attracted more users than Twitter. And increased to the top of the earnings charts of App Store. It has been earning millions of dollars a day for its publisher, Niantic.

Pokémon Go becomes the most downloaded app

The game is also crushing other apps on Google Play Store. According to its current rate of popularity it will soon get greater number of total downloads than Snapchat in just a few days. So what’s next? With its current rate of growth, the game is on track to pass Snapchat, and Google Maps within a couple of days on Android.

However, daily activity is just one metric by which a game can be judged. It has also become the most popular game in U.S. with 21 million daily active users, leaving Candy Crush behind with 20 million daily active users.

Pokemon Go has also been a tremendous success for Nintendo, being downloaded over 30 million times that has doubled the stock value of the company.

It’s really impressive that, Pokemon Go is still only available to a few countries, and has started breaking records. The Pokémon developers are continuing its roll out in more countries, as it has just been released in Japan today.