10 cool things you didn’t know Android could do

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10 cool things you didn’t know Android could do

The Android smart phones nowadays have become so powerful that they can do almost everything that a computer can. They have so many useful features to make your life easier and better.

Most of the people use Android phones which are so powerful that many people don’t even know about the cool things their phone could do. Here is a guide to let you know how smart your Android smart phone actually is.

1.Google Now (Personal Assistant)

Google Now is one of the best features of Android. You can actually ask your phone to do smart things by just your voice. You can send emails, texts, make calls, set reminders, or even what song is playing on your mobile just by listening to you.

To use Google Now, tap on the Google search bar on home screen. Or you can select Google from the drawer. Another way to launch Google Now is to hold the home button or swipe up on home screen. Then, just say, “Okay Google” to bring it to life.



2. Two finger swipe gestures



We use one finger to swipe for notifications. Use two fingers to swipe down for quick settings.


3. Allow calls from certain people only

In Android Lollipop, Google introduced a new feature called “Priority mode” which is just like a Do not disturb mode. This mode will work just same as Silent mode, but will interrupt you, when a higher priority notification, call, or text message arrives. You can choose the apps, or people who can interrupt you, when using priority mode.


4. Use Smart-Lock to unlock the phone automatically at home

This setting will automatically change when you are outside your home. And you also have the options to set trusted places.





5. Control an LED light bulb from your phone


LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you can control with your Android.


6. Get all notification on your PC or Laptop

There is an awesome Android app called Pushbullet, that lets users copy and paste text from phone to PC and viceversa. It also enables users to see all their notifications on their PC or Laptop, and respond to them. i.e, reply to text messages, Whatsapp messages, etc.



7. Solve a math problem by using camera



Photo Math – Take picture of Math equation, it will solve it

8. Connect mouse and keyboard


You can plug a wired or wireless mouse into an android phone and it’ll work.


9. Encrypt the data


You can encrypt all the data on your Phone to make it secure.


10. Lock or Wipe your phone remotely



Google has created an awesome tool called Android Device Manager that lets users track and perform certain operations on their phones on their phones. No worries when you lose your phone. You can remotely erase all of your personal data.

If Android Device Manager is activated, you can lock your phone, ring it or even reset it if you have lost it.

To enable Android Device Manager, go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and access the site on your computer if you ever lose your phone.