Windows 10 Anniversary Update gets dark mode & new emoji

Windows 10 Anniversary Update has just got two more features. It will have the long-awaited dark UI mode, and a brand new set of keyboard emojis.

The dark mode will be a good idea if you want to save a good amount of your device’s battery, especially if it has an OLED screen. In fact, the dark mode is also known to be pleasant and less distracting.

Microsoft Windows 10 was released last year on July 29th, as the final version of Windows. Even though it still has Windows 10 in the name, the new update would be big enough to consider it version ’11’. However, since Microsoft has announced that the Windows will now be a service (Windows as a Service or WaaS), it promises infinite updates.

It has a never-ending loop of user feedback that constantly keeps helping improving it.


Dark Theme

Some of the Windows 10 apps already have a dark mode, but a lot of apps were missing this feature that made the Windows 10 quite inconsistent. Finally, Microsoft has provided universal solution and added a dark theme option to ensure dark theme turning everything dark.

Apps like Outlook Mail, Calendar, and Weather, etc., all now will have dark UI mode.


Windows 10 Anniversary Update gets dark mode & new emoji


To change the theme to dark or light in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, follow these steps:

go to Settings > Personalization > Colors > Light or Dark


There is one thing that Windows 10 still doesn’t overrides theme settings of third-party apps that do not have a dark or light theme modes. For example, the Facebook app for Windows 10 does not have a dark theme mode so it will use the default light theme even if you are using dark theme in Windows 10.

It would be great if you could change the theme for all apps, perhaps we will see such an option in the future.

In short, it is a very pleasant experience to use dark theme, especially in the nighttime.


New Emoji

The new emoji keyboard in Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been redesigned with a new font, and a bunch of new emojis, including Ninja Cat, and more options like skin tones. The emojis also support 25 languages.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update gets dark mode & new emoji

The upcoming Update have some new features like these, as well as some less exciting improvements that are quite difficult to notice, but were necessary to deliver. Right now only those users who are in Windows Insiders Program are able to get this new Update and test it.

If you are not a Windows Insider, don’t worry. You will get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2nd.