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WhatsApp web is a very famous web-based version of Whatsapp messenger that is introduced on January 21, 2015. It enables us to access WhatsApp messenger functions on the computer. This makes it easier for users who spend most of their time on the computer. While using the PC,  it is tough to check your mobile for messages from your friends and family. The special thing is web Whatsapp QR code. The QR code has been designed to avoid common login problems. Due to which you will get rid of the dilemma of duplicate accounts and remembering login data. You will log in to the same Whatsapp account on two different devices.

Installing WhatsApp Web On Your Computer

If you think that WhatsApp web client can only be used on the browser, then you are wrong. WhatsApp has introduced Windows and Mac OS apps. So, users can access the Whatsapp for the web easily. The layout of these apps is the same as you find on the web. But, if you are using Linux or Chrome OS, then you have to log in from the web. Because there is no app available for both of these platforms. There is a large number of people who don’t know about Whatsapp web and how to use it.

How to Install web WhatsApp on PC?

The first thing to do is to check your Whatsapp account on your phone to see if it is working right. Remember that! To use WhatsApp desktop, you need to be log into your mobile account. Now download the WhatsApp web app for Windows or MAC OS, which is available on WhatsApp’s official website. If you are a Microsoft or Mac Store user, you can also download the app from there. Then install the app on your computer, which will be done in about 2 minutes.

How to Use WhatsApp App?

If you want to use WhatsApp without an app, then you can visit the official website of WhatsApp web. There you will see a QR code and “Remember Me” option. You can log in to your account by scanning the QR code. By clicking on “Remember Me“, you will not have to scan the QR code again and again when logging in next time.

qr code
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Where the WhatsApp web layout is the same as the app, the login process is also the same. Now the most important question that, how to scan the QR code. It is very simple. To log in to WhatsApp Web, you need to open your mobile WhatsApp account and follow these steps.

  1. Open Official website
  2. A QR code appears on the screen.
  3. Now in WhatsApp mobile, go to the menu (three dots).
  4. Click the Whatsapp Web.
  5. Scan the QR code.
whatsapp-web mobile
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When clicking on the WhatsApp web on the mobile menu. You will see a pop-up message that will give you a tutorial on how to scan the WhatsApp web QR code. If you focus this camera on QR code, you will be logged into your computer. At the same time, your chat on your WhatsApp mobile account will be display to you on the computer as it synchronized. You can log in to multiple computers using Whatsapp web.

Is it Secure?

If you are talking about general internet security, then Yes, Whatsapp web is secure. Because it also encrypted in the same way in which mobile version. Your privacy is very secure that even Whatsapp authorities do not track your activities.

 Whatsapp web is used for various other purposes. One of them is stealing other people’s data from it by logging in. Any person having access to your mobile can scan QR code on his web browser. Yup, he has all the authority of your WhatsApp account. If you want to check that someone logged in your account or not, in this way, you can also check on which devices you are logged on.

Go to the menu and then click on the Whatsapp web. Here you see the devices where you are logged in with their time of occurrence. You can click on Log out from all computers to remove your account instantly from all the devices.

whatsapp web
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Can You Video Chat on the WhatsApp Web?

No, You cannot make video Chat on WhatsApp Web. One more disgusting thing that you cannot make voice calls from the WhatsApp desktop app. There is no announcement that they enable video chat or audio calls on this messaging app. Yet, you can send audio and video files. Like WhatsApp mobile, you can make groups, send video and audio messages on WhatsApp web also. O the other hand, you cannot upload status as well. When you logged in the web version of WhatsApp, it synchronized your contacts. You can search for any chat. More, it holds all the records of your previous group chats or any other. All the actions you perform here also affect your mobile account. For example, you delete Whatsapp messages from the web. It also deletes them from your Whatsapp mobile account. But, if you sent any video or picture from your mobile to anyone WhatsApp Web, you want to view it. You have to download it first.

Is Whatsapp For Web The Best Choice?

We all know that Whatsapp is a worldwide popular messenger. If we compare both the WhatsApp mobile and WhatsApp desktop, then the WhatsApp web is slower. The second thing that matters is the lagging problem. WhatsApp mobile lags when you download any big file or multiple files at the same time. But these things never happen in the WhatsApp web.  We can say that Whatsapp Web lack some features such as video & voice calling, a status uploading which makes it less popular than the mobile version. Another thing that is really stressful that your phone must stay connected to the internet when you are the web version of WhatsApp. It is because WhatsApp synchronizes your data every second.

Logout Your Account

To logout from your WhatsApp web account, you see a menu on the right corner( three dots). Click on it and then logout.

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