WhatsApp user data is now shared with Facebook

WhatsApp’s new policy change states that WhatsApp user data sharing with Facebook can improve friend suggestions by analyzing the social connections between both platforms, and show more relevant ads.

The popular messaging app WhatsApp recently announced that It will start sharing the contacts of user with the Facebook servers. According to WhatsApp this change will help them improve their services, and show more relevant ads to their users on WhatsApp as well as Facebook.

This change has sparked the privacy concern among users of both platforms. People have started posting tutorials about how you can prevent this. However, now some users have reported that even if you disable this change, it does not assure that WhatsApp will not share any details with Facebook.


WhatsApp will not only share your WhatsApp user data with Facebook for ads but to also suggest friends to you on Facebook. The users only have option to prevent Facebook from using their data for relevant ads and friends recommendations.


According to WhatsApp’s clarification the WhatsApp user data being shared with Facebook will remain private. The data also includes the basic information of device such as mobile carrier, mobile identifier, country code, etc.

When Facebook bought WhatsApp years ago, they assured that everyone’s WhatsApp user data will be kept private and secure, however now it appears that the policy has slightly changed.


When asked “Why our phone number is being shared with Facebook if it is not being used by them”, the spokesman said  “Specifically, we will provide Facebook the phone numbers people use to sign up for WhatsApp, along with information about how often people are using our service. This will allow us to improve our app’s performance and ultimately be more transparent about our metrics with the public”


WhatsApp is now assuring its users and says that even if the privacy policy of WhatsApp has changed, it will still continue to provide privacy with end-to-end encryption. In a blog post, they said “Even as we coordinate more with Facebook in the months ahead, your encrypted messages stay private and no one else can read them,”

Furthermore, they said “Not WhatsApp, not Facebook, nor anyone else. We won’t post or share your WhatsApp number with others, including on Facebook, and we still won’t sell, share, or give your phone number to advertisers”.