roku internet browser

Is there any web browser for Roku? the answer is yes, but there is a limit, only two browsers work on Roku yet
and here, we will discuss which Roku internet browser is better, so please read this post till the end.

internet browser on roku


Keep in mind that streaming devices such as Roku are not the best options for browsing the internet. These are made for streaming. So these do not have better performance for browsing, keeping in view that competitors of Roku are providing web browsers for many years we can run only two internet browsers on Roku which are not provided by Roku officially.

The Best Web Browser For Roku In The Channel Store

The best Roku internet browser is Web Browser X.
here word best is only used in comparison because when you use web browser x, it will surely disappoint you due to lack of features.
Web browser x was designed three decades back, so it has no excellent interface as per the needs of this period.
But after all, it works on Roku and works hard to render the pages you browse. It has some pre-added favourite sites links such as Google News ABC News and CNN,
but you can visit any site by URL, and you can also add your favourite sites.

How To Use Controls On Roku Web Browser

Using remote, you can control the Roku web browser.
Use left and right keys on remote to hover over different links on your page, and use up and down arrow keys to scroll on the page.

web browser for roku

Demerits of Roku Web Browser

You can not play any video on your Roku web browser, so never try to visit video sites like youtube.
The other demerit is, this browser is not free at all. This will cost you monthly 4.99$.

The Second Web Browser For Roku is POPRISM

This web browser for Roku is way different from Web browser X. It allows you only to read the annoying text; there is no graphical user interface and images. No CSS and javascript support.

roku web browser

You can just read text blogs, RSS feeds, and plain text news.
Only to praise that this is supported web browser for Roku and it is free of cost it charges you no hidden money.

So we can conclude that web browser x is much better Roku internet browser from both supported browsers on Roku, but still, there is a way to use Roku to browse the internet and that is screen mirroring.

you can use your windows or android devices to connect with Roku and enjoy browsing what you want.

For this process using windows, you need an updated version of Roku and then go to the action center in windows and click connect wait a while till windows search for your Roku

select device from the list and it will be connected automatically

open your web browser of choice and start browsing.

If you want to connect screen mirroring with your Android device you can use any screen mirroring app you like, connect your app search for your Roku connect to it, and you are done.