Vysor: control Android from your computer

Vysor is a new little app to control your Android phone from computer. You may have already seen such applications that let you do the same, i.e. AirDroid, but Vysor takes a step further in ease-of-use and provides both USB and WiFi connectivity options.

It also providers a faster and reliable connection as compared to other apps. The application has been developed by Koushik Dutta, who is also co-founder of pretty popular Android mod company Cyanogen Inc, and a part of ClockworkMod recovery developers team. The app has been quite popular in a short time and already being used by over 20,000.


How it works

It is a combination of a Google Chrome extension and a tiny Android app that lets you control the phone from PC. Users can control the phone just as they would use any other app using their mouse and keyboard.


Like all other great apps, Vysor also comes with a twist. You need to pay for it if you want to enjoy all its great features including WiFi connectivity. However, the free version works awesome and allows you to connect the phone using USB cable.


Vysor: control Android from your computer

How to install

Installation process of Vysor is very straight-forward. First you need to install the Chrome extension, then allow the USB debugging in android settings, connect your phone with PC using USB cable and connect using the Vysor extension. You may also need USB drivers if Vysor can’t detect your phone.

Once you are done with the installing process it will take less than a second to connect and show your phone’s screen on computer.


How to use

The usage is also very simple. Open the Vysor extension installed on Chrome (You can create a shortcut on Desktop). Now click on “Find my phone” button and that’s it. Drag your mouse on the Vysor screen to control. You will also be able to see other options like volume controls, power button, and screenshot, etc.


How is it different from Emulators?

Emulator is a software that acts like a device. But this app actually just mirrors the screen of your phone. The usage of this app has no impact on your computer resources, because you already have a separate physical device running.

Vysor: control Android from your computer


With all that awesome features, and speed it is definitely worth a try. Let us know what you think about this app in the comments below.



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