This tool lets you track facebook friends sleeping patterns

This is the trick you can use to track facebook friends sleeping habits by taking advantage of Facebook Messenger

The social media giant, Facebook has now become an important part of our lives. We post status updates, photos of different life events like anniversaries, birthdays, we have conversations with friends, and a lot more stuff. We have become so addicted to Facebook that most of us use Facebook before going to bed and check it again when we wake up.

Most of use also own a smartphone and since Facebook has forced to use its Facebook Messenger app for messaging, we all use it every day.

The Facebook Messenger has many good features, but it can also create problems for you. One of the problems it creates is by showing your last active time. Unlike WhatsApp, the Facebook Messenger has no option to turn this feature off. It will show your last active time to all of your friends even if your chat is turned off.


However, that is not it! Your last activity time can be used for tracking your sleep time as well. There is an open-source tool available that collects data from your Facebook Messenger and uses the data to track sleep timing of your friends.


A Danish developer named Soren Louv-Jansen has discovered a way to track facebook friends sleeping pattern through the Messenger app. He has developed a software tool that works by collecting digital IDs and receipts left.

Louv-Jansen was able to easily gather the information since the data on Messenger like location, and last active time of a user is available in plant text on Facebook’s online Messenger client.


The software tool developed by Louv-Jansen keeps checking Facebook every 10 minutes interval to see the last active time of Faceebok friends. It then stores information such as login times in order to track the time when someone last time used Facebook in the night and when they checked it in the morning.


In a post on Medium, Louv-Jansen said “Many people visit Facebook as the first thing in the morning, and the last thing before going to bed. It is therefore possible to get a good impression of their sleeping habits (or lack thereof)”

The software tool compiles the entire Friends list and organizes the downtime of each friend in a timeline. According to Louv-Jansen the reason behind developing this tool was to demonstrate the insecurity of our information and lacks of privacy online.




“Everybody I’ve shown this have been equally fascinated and outraged by the accuracy with which it predicts their sleep patterns. In this digital world we leave footprints everywhere we go, and when we do it, without even thinking about it. Facebook might block this little “hack”, so your friends no longer can track you, but Facebook will always be able to do their own data analysis which is undoubtedly way better than what I’ve come up with.”


Now you must be wondering how you can use this tool, well as I mentioned earlier that this tool is open-source. You can find the source code on GitHub. In order to run the tool locally you can copy the repository and start tracking the sleeping pattern of  your friends.


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Last year, another developer named Aran Khanna took advantage of Facebook Messenger to do something similar. He developed a Google Chrome Extension “Marauder’s Map” that was able to track facebook friends location, which was inspired by “Harry Potter”.

Both these developers has revealed that how much of our information is collected by Facebook without our knowledge.

Louv-Jansen also wrote “Facebook will always be able to do their own data analysis which is undoubtedly way better than what I’ve come up with. They are likely using this data for profiling, and creating more user-specific ads,”


Those who want to see this tool in action can watch it here:





Let us know what you think about this tool, and the privacy issues in Facebook.