Tag All Facebook Friends On A Status With One Click


Method 1.

Facebook is leading social network now a days and all of us use it frequently but so of its features are time consuming ie tagging your all facebook friends on a status you post was very difficult without using trick but now you can tag all your friends easily with this trick, so you want to tag all your facebook friends on a status? Unfortunately Facebook Status has a limit of 20 tags. You can not tag more than 20 people on a status, But wait, You can still send notification to your friends by using a Comment Mention instead.

Now you must be wondering how can you mention so many friends manually? Well, you don’t need to worry about that.

Here I’m sharing a really cool trick to mention all your friends in a single click.

Step 1:

Log into your Facebook account, and post a status.

Step 2:

Click on the time-stamp of your status. i.e few seconds ago

Facebook status

Step 3:

Now press CTRL+SHIFT+J to open JavaScript console.

In the console box, paste the script given below, and hit enter. In a few seconds all your friends will be mentioned in comments on the status automatically.

Get the JavaScript from here

Wait 5 seconds, click on Skip Ad on top-right corner and copy the code.

Chrome javascript console

I have tested this trick and it works perfect in Google Chrome.


WARNING: If you have a large number of friends, please be careful with this trick. Don’t use it again and again. Your comments can be blocked.

Method 2.

Step 1:

Open Facebook and login to your Facebook account.

Step 2:

Post any type of status.

Step 3:

Minimize down your browser window and open auto tag bat here to download auto bat file

After you run it, it will start tagging your friends automatically. For this you have to tap on tag people on post button which is below the facebook status box. Point your cursor there. Done.

Warning: use it on your own risk.

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