Quadrooter: 900 million Android devices at risk

If you are an Android smartphone user, we have got a bad news for you. More than 900 million devices running Android OS have been affected by a flaw named Quadrooter. The flaw is found in only device that have a Qualcomm processor.

Another Qualcomm processor flaw was detected in the same year before. Back in May, due to a flaw hackers were able to access millions of Android smartphones who had a Qualcomm processor which exposed them.


The newly found bug in Qualcomm processors, can also allow hackers to gain control of your phone by four different vulnerabilities using QuadRooter. Check Point Software Technologies, which is a security company, says,



“If exploited, QuadRooter vulnerabilities can give attackers complete control of devices and unrestricted access to sensitive personal and enterprise data on them. Access could also provide an attacker with capabilities such as keylogging, GPS tracking, and recording video and audio.”


Unauthorized users or hackers can take advantage of these vulnerabilities using a malicious app. Checkpoint Software Technologies further said,

“Such an app would require no special permissions to take advantage of these vulnerabilities, alleviating any suspicion users may have when installing.”


The QuadRooter uses the drivers of phone that are used to communicate between chipset components. The bug can  only be fixed by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) by patching up the drivers that are already installed on the devices.

Additionally, the bug can be patched by installing all the latest updates. The Check Point has also warned Android smartphone users to avoid installing apps from any source other than Google Play Store.

Apps uploaded on Google Play Store are approved by Google, however many users download and install the APK files from other untrusted source, which can easily expose them to newly found flaw. Android users are also advised to read the app permission dialog and allow them carefully.


The bug can affect all the current Android smartphones including Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, LG G4, G5, LG V10, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, OnePlus 3, etc.