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Programming languages that make developers mad

It must be a little surprising to you that there are “some” programming languages that just make the developers crazy because most of the people think they’re already crazy. Well, jokes apart, there are actually some programming languages are highly irritating, and make the developers pull their hair off.

Tim Rogus, who is an UX/UI designer from New York has started an interesting research to find out the most cursed programming language of all time. In order to get views of developers from all around the world, he has created a community of developers.

The community is called devRant.io which lets developers rant about any programming language. The DevRant community can be joined using their app for Android, and iPhone smartphones, and a website that is in beta stage yet.

According to their website “DevRant is where developers can express how they really feel about code, tech and the people that make programming super special (for better or worse)”.

By analyzing the collected rant feedback through DevRant app, Rogus has released an infographic to show which are the programming languages that are most irritating, and which are the least annoying to developers.


Programming languages that make developers mad

Looking at the infographic above, it is quite obvious that SQL and Mongo are the languages that are most complained about on the earth.

In Web development languages, CSS and PHP are on top. While NodeJS has received complaints 20% more than average.

Additionally, the DevRant have also been working on their own cartoon-series related to developers with some humor.