PoGo UWP: Pokemon Go on Windows 10 Mobile

PoGo UWP the third-party client app that enables Windows 10 Mobile users play Pokemon Go has just received a new update pushing it towards beta stage with a lot of major bug fixes.

The update fixes a bug that was causing the Pokestops to disappear from map while moving. Another bug was sometimes preventing the players from catching Pokemon at some times.


It is a good news for those smartphone users who own a Windows 10 Mobile and want to get their hands on the massively popular Pokemon Go. However, they must go through some advanced steps to make it work.


Follow the steps below to set it up:

Create a Pokemon Trainer Club account

  • Each player must have this account to play the game. It is the profile where your data is stored.
  • Go to this link and create your account.
  • To activate the account you either need an Android or a iOS device. If you don’t have a real device you can use BlueStacks to activate it.
  • Download Pokemon Go on your Android/iOS or BlueStacks emulator, and sign-in using Pokemon Trainer Club account.
  • Logout.


Install Pokemon Go on Windows 10 Mobile


This is the crucial part.


  • Create a new folder on PC.
  • Download these three files:

File 1

File 2

File 3

  • Put these downloaded in the folder that you just created.
  • Enable Device Portal on your phone. You can follow this guide if you don’t know how to do it.
  • In Device Portal, tap “Install App” and select the first file that you downloaded.
  • Select “Add Dependency” twice, and select both File 2, and File 3.
  • Under “Deploy” click “Go”, and wait until you see “Done”.

That all! Now just launch the app in your Windows 10 Mobile and begin with signing in with your Pokemon Trainer Club account.


After completing all these steps you should be able to play Pokemon Go on your Windows 10 Mobile. Since the PoGo app is still in beta stage, you may also see some other bugs.

However, there is an active community that will help you out, and keep updating the app to make it more stable. Each time an update arrives, you will have to remove this version, and follow all these steps to install the newer one.






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