A new Pokemon GO tracking system under testing

The Pokemon developers team Niantic is now working on a new Pokemon GO tracking system for the app that will introduce a new way to track Pokemons. At present the new Pokemon GO tracking system is under testing and available to a “subset of users”.


While all the users of this new augmented reality based gaming sensation Pokemon GO are enjoying the game play, Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO has been facing a lot of issues, and bugs some features. One of those buggy features is ‘Nearby’ option. This feature is supposed to show Pokemons in the nearby are, track down rare Pokemons, and show other details like how far they are from them.


“We’re currently testing a variation of the “Nearby Pokemon” feature with a subset of users,” Niantic explaining in the latest patch notes. “During this period you may see some variation in the nearby Pokemon UI.”

Only users who are part of that “subset of users” are able to see the new tracker system when they load up the game.


That’s not it. Niantic is testing two types of trackers – Sightings and Nearby.



In order to see the Pokemons near a PokeStop, “Sightings” tracker will be used. It will track the Pokemons and highlight the closest one. This feature is kind of same as the original tracker that was being used at the time of release and got removal of steps later due to bugs.

The “Sightings” tracker also shows you grass behind them instead of PokeStop image, which means the Pokemon is in the wild, and you need to look for them without any help of the app itself.



The “Nearby” will list down all the Pokemons in your general vicinity, and the PokeShops you need to visit for hunting those Pokemons.

Select the Pokemon to track, and tap View button. You will be able to see a map on the screen that will highlight to the PokeStop that you need to visit to hunt that Pokemon. The screen will also zoom and show you the location of the PokeStop according to location of your avatar.


If the Pokemon runs away from that location before even you could get there, you will see a warning message “The Pokemon fled! Check nearby list for other Pokemon.”


According to Niantic, this new Pokemon GO tracking system is just a test yet, and it could completely change before it is delivered as final update to all the Pokemon users.


Some people have reported that they don’t have both trackers, while some are enjoying both new tracking options. Most of the users who have got this new test version of features are from San Fransisco, and a few from some other major U.S. cities as well.


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