5 Myths about Smartphone charging debunked

Almost everybody has a smartphone at the moment, which is used by majority of us to access our social media accounts, e-mail, video games, information, and way more that can be used anyplace or anytime we’d like it. In such a situation, it might probably turn into nightmarish at occasions when your smartphone’s battery instantly goes off whenever you need it essentially the most. In consequence, Smartphone charging every day has turn out to be a necessity to keep the gadgets working. Additionally, it turns into much more necessary to know how you can maintain your smartphone battery and prolong its life!


Nonetheless, there are plenty of myths that encompass charging of smartphones such as, “don’t use your cellphone while it’s charging,” “at all times let it die fully”, “don’t leave it plugged in overnight” and much more.

Whereas smartphone batteries have advanced a lot over time, making them smarter and simpler to handle, the myth behind smartphone charging doesn’t subside.

On this article, we deliver to you the reality behind 5 main smartphone charging myths.


Myth 1: Don’t use your smartphone while it’s on charge
Fact: You can use your smartphone while it’s on charge, as long as you’re using a high quality charger that’s in good condition. In different phrases, as long as you’re not using a sketchy third-party charger, you can use it all you need. When you’re using the manufacturer-authorized charger and battery, you should be fine.

Myth 2: Using non-brand chargers will destroy your smartphone battery
Reality: To an extent! Whereas non-brand or white-label manufacturers are good, it’s the cheap knockoff chargers that you will need to keep away from at any costs. The underside line is that if the charger is offered in a good store, then it’s protected (all non-brand chargers are authorized by a governing physique). Please notice that while off-brand chargers are clearly not so good as the official thing, however it works simply. Nevertheless, knockoffs hardly even get the job performed.


Myth 3: Don’t leave your smartphone charging all night time, because it kills the battery
Fact: Your smartphone is smarter than you assume. As soon as it’s absolutely charged it stops charging. Which means the battery isn’t even in use in any respect. Your battery life will last more in the event you keep your smartphone charged between 40% and 80%.


Myth 4: Switching your smartphone off is nice to your battery
Reality: Even machine want breaks like people. In an effort to maximize battery life, specialists agree that turning your smartphone off a minimum of once every week assist preserves your smartphone battery, particularly while you go to mattress at night time.



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Myth 5: Don’t cost your smartphone till it’s utterly useless
Reality: Ready till your smartphone is useless earlier than recharging is named a ‘deep cost,’ which is definitely dangerous to your battery. As a substitute, cost your battery because it reaches forty%. Your battery has a finite variety of cost cycles, and each time it utterly dies, that’s one other cycle out the window.

Along with the above, additionally notice that warmth will damage a battery. Lithium-ion batteries heat themselves, and get hotter while being charged. Equally, excessive chilly climate circumstances also can have a destructive impression on a smartphone’s life, and a cold battery will die quicker than typical in low temperatures.

Your smartphone might be secure in case you preserve it within its recommended temperatures; Samsung ensures that its smartphones can operate anyplace between -4 and 122 degrees. Then again, Apple says that 32° Fahrenheit is the lowest temperature for an iPhone’s surroundings.