Kickass Torrents domain up for sale

KickassTorrents, the most popular torrent site was shut down this month, when the owner was arrested in Poland. The Kickass Torrents domain was seized by the authorities. However, according to a report by TorrentFreak, now it is up for sale and has a minimum bid of $230 on SEDO marketplace. Many of its users are still hoping that just like The Pirate Bay it will also resume after sometime, but with this report of domain being up for sale, it appears that Kickass Torrents is not coming back any time soon.

The Kickass Torrents domain “” is not yet seized and is away from the hands of U.S. authorities, because it is registered under a Costa Rican registry.


Kickass Torrents domain up for sale


Since the Kickass Torrents domain is massively popular, and already ranked up as 69th most-visited, it would be no surprise to see the bid go way beyond $230.

Earlier in November 2015 YTS/YIFY was shutdown, then KickassTorrents, and last week the “Google of Torrents” known as was also shutdown without specifying any reason. It has been a bad year who love to download from torrents.


Kickass Torrents domain up for sale


Kickass Torrents domain for sale is “” which was the most recent domain being used by Kickass Torrents. The other domains including “”, “, and “” are registered under US-based Verisign registry, and still seized showing a banner of Homeland Security when accessed.



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