How to Unfriend On Facebook


Sometimes we have so many facebook friends whom we don’t even know personally. If we start unfriending them one by one it would take many hours. In this situation, you can use our method to How To unfriend On Facebook We like to make many friends when we are new to facebook but later this creates a problem for us. We start to get boor with those unknown friends. Their pictures are always displayed on our screen and if you don’t want to see them anymore then we will help you in this case.

Many people search for“Facebook Friends Remover” script or tool on google but they are not able to find any working. Today in this article I will share the best working method to remove all Facebook friends at once. Facebook is very serious nowadays with their security so they have fixed all old methods. We have worked hard to find finally the latest working method to How to Unfriend On Facebook  in Single Click and I hope you find it helpful. If you are fed up of trying many methods and none of them have worked for you then don’t worry about it. Our method is tested and working till this moment.

Requirements To Remove Facebook Friends at Once

Well before we move towards the steps have a look at the requirements. These are some basic things which you will need to complete this procedure. Make sure you have everything installed on your computer. Now have a quick look at all the requirements for removing all facebook friends at once.

  • Google Chrome Browser or you can download it from the internet.
  • A working high-speed internet connection.
  • Multiple Tools for Facebook Extension, you can find the download link below in this article.
  • Finally, our guide which will explain you the procedure.

So these are some basic requirements and I hope you can arrange them all. Now let’s move towards the guide and learn how to unfriends all facebook friends in one click.

How To Unfriend On Facebook

Well, this method works only on PC. This is the only working method which is also tested by us personally. We will be using Multiple Tools for the Facebook extension to unfriend all FB friends in one click. Now without wasting much time lets move ahead and look at the steps:

  1. First of all, you need to Download Multiple Tools for a Facebook extension on chrome from here. .
  2. Click on the link and you will be redirected to a new page. Look “Add to Chrome”button and tap on it.
  3. You will find a new icon of the extension on the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Now open facebook website and log in your Facebook account.
  5. Click on the extension icon and you will be shown a large list of selections.
  6. Choose Unfriend All Facebook friends and then click on the start button.
  7. If you want to unfriend all your friends then click on the Select All Friends option.
  8. Finally, click on the”Start Removing Friends” and the process will start.

That’s all now you have to leave facebook tab open for a few mins until it removes all of your facebook friends. If you have a large number of friends on facebook then it may take a bit longer to remove them all. Just relax and it will do all work by itself. I hope this guide was helpful and you have got your answer to How to Unfriend All Facebook Friends in Single Click. Do share this post with your friends and family members and help them too. You can also check out more useful articles like this our website.