As we all know Facebook is the world’s most extensive social network where we share videos regularly in comparison with other social networks, and even some analysts believe that Facebook will soon cross world’s largest video database that is Youtube , some of us want to know How to Download Facebook Videos .

So when it comes to save or download the video, which we like to keep. We turn to software and extensions which allow us to download the Facebook videos because there is no built-in download feature available on Facebook officially.

We have observed much software are not available freely as opensource, and we pay much for using premium versions of this software and many of extensions not work as described by their provider, and finally, we turn to tricks and save our money as well our time.

So here is a trick, how to download Facebook videos without any software and it is 100% working just apply following steps to download Facebook videos directly from your browser.

How to Download Facebook Videos


First of all login to your Facebook account and select a video to download and click the play button to play that video.

How to Download Facebook Video step1



During video playback just right click somewhere over video and select the third option that shows video URL.

How to Download Facebook Video step2



After clicking on the third option, you will get a URL in text box somewhere over the video,

just copy that URL.

How to Download Facebook Video step 3



Open a new tab in your browser and paste that URL which you have copied from the Facebook video, just remove www or web whatever it shows and put m as shown in the image and hit enter.


How to Download Facebook Video step4




The video which you wanted to save will open here click the play button to play video.


How to Download Facebook Video step5



During video playback right click on the player area and you will get some options, click save video as.


How to Download Facebook Video step6



After clicking on saving video as it will ask you to choose the location to save the downloaded video where ever you want on your hard drive, after selecting the location for your video click save and video will be downloaded automatically to your computer or laptop or mobile.

How to Download Facebook Video step7

Thats it you have successfully downloaded video from facebook without using any software

this is the best way to download Facebook video uninterruptedly.