How to hide text in pictures (Steganography)

According to Wikipedia: Steganography is the art and science of encoding hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message.

It is a very useful technique when you don’t have any encryption/decryption software and you want to make sure that only your and your recipient reads some important message.

You can also write text into images using a simple tool (software) called Image Hide. It can write/read/encode/decode any text message written inside an image file.

This trick can be used to secretly send your messages to anyone, It is also a good way to save your own data like passwords etc.

The actual goal of Steganography is to hide information from any third-party. It is actually done by removing a significant parts of the image file and replacing them with the provided text information. the removed parts are not visible to human-eye.


  • An image file to write text in.
  • A free program called Image Hide. 


Step 1:

Download the Image Hide program, and then extract it.

How to hide text in pictures (Steganography) 1


Step 2:

After extracting, double-click on the ImageHide.exe to run the program.

How to hide text in pictures (Steganography) 2


Step 3:

Click on Load Image button and browse to your desired image file.

How to hide text in pictures (Steganography) 4


Step 4:

Write your message in the text area below the image, and then just hit Save image button.

How to hide text in pictures (Steganography) 3

You can also encode the message so that it becomes completely unreadable for humans. To make it readable again, you will have to use the same program “Image Hide” to open the image and decode it.

In our next tutorial of Steganography, we will be showing how you can hide other files inside an image file. Till then try this awesome trick, hide secret messages in pictures, send them to your friends and leave your comments below if need any help.