Windows Admin Account Hack Using KON Boot

Windows is undoubtedly the most used computer OS in the world, the user-friendliness of Microsoft Windows is one of the main reasons it is so widely used.

However, still there are some features that are not so easy to use, such as Resetting the password of a Windows Account.

Have you ever been in a situation when you just set your Windows Account password and forgot? What do you do then?

Well, the first solution that usually pops up in people’s mind is to re-install the Windows, but that’s not the best choice obviously because you might lose some important data.

Kon Boot  you won’t need to do that again. The Kon Boot easily lets you login into any account on any version of Windows (including the latest Windows 10).

To use Kon Boot you just need to have some basic knowledge about your computer/laptop.

Here is what you should know:

  • How to access BIOS setup.
  • How to disable secure-boot.
  • How to boot from a USB Flash Drive.


Step 1:

Download Kon Boot.


Step 2:

Download UnetbootIn from here.

UnetbootIn is a free utility program that enables you to make a USB/DVD bootable.


Step 3:

Connect the USB Flash Drive.


Step 4:

Now run “unetbootin-windows-323.exe”.


Step 5:

Select Discimage option, and Browse to the folder where Kon Boot files are located, and select “Kon Boot USB.iso” file.


Step 6:

In the bottom section of the window, choose the Drive Name (letter) of your USB Flash-drive, click OK and wait for the process to complete.

This will install KON Boot on your USB drive.

The Drive letter might be J: , K: or any other alphabet, depending on the number of partitions, DVD Drives and other connected memory devices on your computer.

Here is a video tutorial on installing KON Boot:

Step 7:

Now the best part 🙂 Plug the USB into the PC you want to access, go to the BIOS settings and choose USB Flash Drive as the primary boot device.

e.g. In DELL you can simply press F9 while booting and select the USB FLASH DRIVE as boot device.


Step 8:

When the PC boots from the USB device you’ll see the KON Boot screen and the Windows will get started normally.


Step 9:

When the login screen comes up, just leave the password empty and hit Enter!! You’ll be logged into the administrator account without entering any password.

Leave comments below if you have any questions or need any help.

And to keep it short, i have split the tutorial in two parts, the second part about changing the administrator password will be posted soon, I’ll also share some other methods to hack administrator and other guest accounts in future. Stay tuned 🙂