Facebook’s new facial recognition, a system that would become aware of People primarily based on their clothing.



Facebook is Fighting to have sweeping powers on facial recognition – inclusive of tech that would become aware of People primarily based on their clothing and posture.

The social media large is operating on new powers that might positioned names on faces even supposing they’re obscured and has already filed patents letting them tailor ads primarily based on facial expressions.

But their plans have sparked fears that users will be subjected to big brother-fashion intrusion looking their every move.

Facial recognition professional Joseph Atick said : “When we invented face recognition, there was no database.

“facebook has a system that might recognize the entire population of the earth.”

The enterprise hasn’t made clear what they plan to do with the database however in line with public integrity, it’s been lobbying the federal government for years to shield its funding within the technology.

One of the technologies they’re working on is a way to use user’s photos to sell them Products based on the information provided. The paper reports that as an example, if a user posts a photo of them hiking, it could use that statistics to Show ads for hiking equipment on their facebook web page.

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Facebook is working on technology that would identify users by just their posture or clothing

Mr Atick, who helped develop facial recognition in the 1990s, is now concerned companies will use the technology to identify people in a public place without their knowledge.

He said: “i can no longer assume being an anonymous person when I’m walking down the road.”

It comes after facebook applied for a patent to capture photos of a person through their smartphone to analyse their facial expressions.Patent documents contained illustrations showing a person holding a phone with a camera taking a picture from which “emotion characteristics” like smiling or frowning are detected.

If the person seems to love what they’re seeing, facebook could place more of the same kind of content material in front of them.

if you want to check what facebook sees and shares about you, check out its privacy policy .