DuckDuckGo search tricks that Google can’t do

DuckDuckGo has been earning a solid and loyal fan base because of these great features that the world’s most famous search engine Google doesn’t have.

The internet and websites have evolved so much that you can find any information easily by searching for it. The websites used for searching are called Search Engines, and when we say, “Search”, the first word that comes to mind is Google.

It is the oldest, and most popular search engine, but that is not the only option if you want to search something on the internet. There are some other better search engines too that support some features even google can’t do yet.

Nowadays people are really concerned about their privacy when they search the internet. Unlike Google, the brand new search engine “DuckDuckGo” understands this and never tracks their users.

Google always keeps a track of what you have been up to, the websites you visit, the things you search, the place you have been visiting, etc., and shows you search results and advertisement based on that gathered information. But that is not the case with DuckDuckGo. It always shows the same search results to all users. In fact, it always tries to redirect users to an encrypted version of the websites automatically so that they stay secure even when they have left the search engine.



Search other websites from the Address Bar

The DuckDuckGo allows you to search websites right from your address bar. In Google you use “site:” modifier keyword to search within a site, and then you have to open links from the search results page. While in DuckDuckGo you can use a keyword “!bang feature” and jump right in the site from address bar.

For example, to search someone’s LinkedIn profile, you can type “!LinkedIn” followed by the name to search for their profile. The feature can be used with almost all popular websites like YouTube, Reddit, Gmail, and Facebook, etc. To see a list of all supported websites just type “!” in the search bar and hit enter.


Check whether Websites are down

Sometimes you open a website, it doesn’t open and you wonder if it is really down or something is wrong with your connection. You can get an instant answer from DuckDuckGO by asking “is technologyleaks down“.

DuckDuckGo search tricks that Google can't do


Random Phrase Generation

Do you find it is hard to generate a random strong password? Well, you are not the only one. DuckDuckGo helps you do this with keyword “Password 8”. When you type this keyword, DuckDuckGo will show you a randomly generated strong password that is eight characters long. You can also generate XKCF-style password that are easy to remember and really hard to crack.

To do this search “Random passphrase” and that’s it.


DuckDuckGo search tricks that Google can't do

Colour Codes

DuckDuckGo also makes it easier to find the color code of a color. It will show you a complete list of all 256 RGB colors with their HEX codes.

DuckDuckGo search tricks that Google can't do


Cheat sheet of popular services

If you search for an app, service or game with the word “cheatsheet”, you will see all the shortcuts, codes, and tricks. For example, you can type “cheatsheet windows 10” to see a list of all keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10. The feature can be used for other apps like Chrome, Firefox, Photoshop, Ubuntu, and Facebook, etc.

DuckDuckGo search tricks that Google can't do


HTML Special Character codes

There is also something special for Web Developers. When these people need to find a code for HTML special character, they google and always end up landing on a random website. This search engine makes the task easier by providing you a complete list of codes direct on search results.




DuckDuckGo search tricks that Google can't do


Generate QR Codes

QR code is a new way of quickly sharing information like contacts, product information, and messenger invitation, etc. type “qr” to generate a QR Code that contains text “”.

DuckDuckGo search tricks that Google can't do

Find alternative apps

Looking for an alternative of an app? Just search “alternative to Facebook” and get a nicely structured results of alternative apps. The feature is actually powered by “AlternativeTo”, and this search engine makes it even easier to use it.


DuckDuckGo search tricks that Google can't do


Change Text Case

Sometimes we come across a situation when we need to change a text to lower case or make it upper case. Of course there is a plenty of websites that let you do this, but can you name one? Probably the answer will be no. In search type “lowercase TechnologyLeaks” and see get your desired output in less than a second.


DuckDuckGo search tricks that Google can't do


And that not all that this amazing search engine can do. In addition, it can also shorten URLs, as well as expand already shortened ones.

Here is a link to try it.

Let us know in the comments how useful do you find these features.