How to downgrade an app to older version on Android

All the good apps keep receiving new updates to make them even better, improve performance and sometimes with a bunch of new features. However, sometimes new update can create problems for numerous reasons. What if your phone doesn’t support the new updated version or it has some unknown bug that keeps annoying you by crashing it again and again? The only solution is to install an older version of the app however, the Google Play Store doesn’t lets you directly downgrade an app, so you will have to search it by yourself.


Here is the guide on how you can go back to an older version of an app which was working fine. It’s fine if your phone is not rooted, it will still work.


Downgrading Android Apps

How to downgrade an app to older version on Android


After finding the right version of the app, you have to download it and copy to your phone. The android application file is a file with APK extension (*.apk), and you need to be careful while downloading them from the internet, as they can contain malware. But that is the only way to downgrade an app, so you have to take the risk.


There are a plenty of websites who provide android app files, but most of them are really unauthentic and have a higher chance of malware. I have found APK Mirror the only trusted on because it was created by Android Police, and can be trusted.

Unlike other websites APK Mirror doesn’t provide any cracked versions, but only free and legal APK versions of apps. If you can’t find the required APK file from this website, make sure you make your checks from downloading it from somewhere else.


Downgrading an Android app

  1. The first step is to find the file you need. The you will have to check the version of that app. It can be done from both your Phone and Computer, but for ease a computer is recommended.
  2. Once you found the APK file you’re looking for, download it and copy it to your Android phone.
  3. Uninstall the original and update version of app from your phone.
  4. Open File Manager app of your phone, and find the APK that you copied in step 2.
  5. Tap on the file to install it. (If you are doing this first time, you may have to allow installation of apps from unknown sources). To enable unknown sources go to Settings and go to “Apps” or “Security” (In Lollipop and Marshmallow it opens automatically while installing) and enable “Unknown sources”.
  6. How to downgrade an app to older version on AndroidNow you should be able to install the app.

When you open the app after installation, it will be the older version of the app before updating it.


To avoid such problems in future, make sure you turn off the auto-updating apps in Settings of Google Play Store app.



It would be great of we would be able to downgrade an app directly from the Play Store, but for now it appears Google has no plans for it, and we have to go through all these steps.

Downloading files from the internet always involves risk of malware, and other dangerous stuff, but sometimes it is the only option to go for. Of course there are some trusted websites out there where you can always find what you need. For additional security you can also use a good antivirus program for your device.


I know it is a bit lengthy process, but it’s worth it, especially when an app keeps crashing and annoying you. It is also useful in a situation when you like a free version of an app and suddenly it gets updated with a bunch of ads. You can always go back to previous version by following this guide with no hassle.

Pleas let us know in the comments what you think about this guide. Cheers!