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DeepGram makes audio search easy

When you want to look for a text, phrase or some specific words, you just Google it or use some other similar search engine, but what if you need to find some audio or video recordings that has those words you are looking for? DeepGram is a new tool that lets you do that easily.

DeepGramWeb-based tool that performs audio search indexes and lets you browse audio and video files by words in them.

The Web-based tool uses algorithms and deep learning mechanism for speech recognition and can also automatically generate speech to text transcripts.

The feature is quite similar to auto-subtitles of YouTub. However DeepGram goes even further deep and makes the text inside media files completely search-able.

When you search a keyword, DeepGram will find all the occurrences of the word and highlight the parts of the audio or video where it is located.

In a short test of a video, DeepGram was able to find and point us towards every occurrence of the searched word in the video.

Additionally, the tool still can make some mistakes at times because we are still far away from the perfect AI, but still DeepGram works pretty accurately, and makes it easy to jump right to the part that is important to you.

The tool is freely available right now, and allows up to 40 hours of audio or video per month. The company is constantly improving the tool, and once it reaches a stable stage, it will probably have a huge impact.

It will be very useful to companies with a huge amount of audio and video data, and can boost a lot of applications for education. Students can use this tool to find specific materials in video or audio lectures that are hours long, without much hassle.