You can Download a YouTube video into Mp3 Format by several ways but today we are going to teach you only one easy and fast Method to download YouTube videos into Mp3 Format.

This Method is called Online video Conversion in which you Just have to Copy the video URl and paste it in a Online Conversion Website.

Lets Get Started


Open YouTube and find the video you want to convert.

YouTube Video

Play the video



Copy the Video URL from the Address bar.Copy the Url of the video




Now open Online Video Converter by clicking here.

Online Video Converter



Paste the Video URL in the box and click More Settings.Paste YouTube Video URL

Make sure Mp3 Format is selected.



In the “More Settings” Section click Audio Quality and select 320 Kbps.

Choose Audio Quality



Click the Start Button and wait for the Conversion.

Click Start



Now you can Download the YouTube video into Mp3 Format by Clicking Download button.Click Download

Note. We do not recommend you to Download Copyrighted Content Without asking its Owner.