5 Common Microsoft Edge problems and solutions

The brand new web browser by Microsoft seems to be much faster as compared to their old legacy browser Internet Explorer. The Microsoft Edge is lightening fast, less cluttered, and drains less battery than other advance browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However some users have reported some Microsoft Edge problems that made their experience a little frustrating.

Below are some common Microsoft Edge problems and their solutions.


Prevent automatic downloading

Unlike other browsers, Microsoft Edge doesn’t asks for your confirmation before downloading them, which is dangerous and can allow some malicious files to sneak into your PC. May be Microsoft was trying to make it easier to use their new browser, but they have compromised security to achieve this.

Well, Microsoft finally realised this, and now there is an option to enable confirmation before downloading. Here is how to do it.


1. Open Microsoft Edge, click on the menu icon (three dots icon) at top right corner, and go to Settings > View advanced settings.

2. Turn on  “Ask me what to do with each download.”



Slow browsing or pages not loading at all


If Microsoft Edge on your PC is not speeding up the browsing by itself, then obviously the first step would be to check your internet connection for problems. But there are some other factors too, such as clearing cache, and cookies from browser, and checking hard drive for any errors.

1. This is how you can clear cache, and other junk off your Microsoft Edge. Go to “Settings -> Choose what to clear” tick the first three boxes, and click on “Clear”.


2. If that didn’t work for you, try analyzing your hard drive for errors. Click Start, type cmd and hit enter.

In CMD, type this command:

sfc /scannow

This command will scan entire hard drive and fix any errors that is causing Microsoft Edge problem. Your PC might restart several times during this process.

5 Common Microsoft Edge problems and solutions


Unable to play videos

If your Microsoft Edge is unable to play any videos on video sites like YouTube, then probably the communication between Microsoft Edge and the graphics card (GPU) is breaking.

To solve this Microsoft Edge problem, update the graphics driver to latest version. If this doesn’t work, follow the steps below.

1. Open “Control Panel ->  Internet Options -> Advanced”, find “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.” option and tick it.

2. Restart your computer, and not it should work fine.

5 Common Microsoft Edge problems and solutions


Edge not blocking ad pop-ups

Ever since Microsoft Edge was introduced in Windows 10, users got really impressed with the performance of Microsoft’s new browser, but what kept them away from using it as their default web browser was the lack of extensions. Almost everybody uses extensions like Ad blocker, or some download speed boosters, etc.

Finally, in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Edge received a huge update with extension support, and now download your favorite extensions from the Store.

1. Open Microsoft Edge, click on the menu icon in top right corner, go to “Extensions”, and search “adblock”.

2. You may choose AdBlock or AdBlock Plus, and click the blue “Free” button to install it.

5 Common Microsoft Edge problems and solutions

Can’t remove Edge as default browser

So you gave Microsoft Edge a try, and it could not live up to your expectations? You can always ditch it, and move to another browser of your choice. But Microsoft really wants you to keep Edge as your default browser, so they have made it a little difficult to change default browser in Windows 10.

People have also reported that changing default browser by going to  “Settings -> System -> Default apps”  did not work for them due to a bug.

Thankfully, there is another way to do this. Open “Control Panel -> Default Programs -> Set your default programs.” Now choose the browser of your choice, click  “Set this programs as default”, and then press OK.

5 Common Microsoft Edge problems and solutionsConclusion

Microsoft Edge is an awesome browser in terms of performance, and speed. Microsoft has spent a lot of time on polishing it out, now after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update it has received much more improvement and some crucial functionality. Of course situations are different for every PC, and some problems might pop up even when the software is almost perfect. This guide has provided the solutions for the most common Microsoft Edge problems, which means you can give Microsoft Edge another try.


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