New Life Bot’s Alexa App texts you reminders and help you with Daily life activites

New Life Bot's Alexa App texts you reminders and help you with Daily life activites

New Life Bot’s Alexa App texts you reminders and help you with Daily life activites.

A brand new voice app from a y combinator-subsidized startup referred to as lifestyles bot wants to make it easier to apply amazon alexa as a digital assistant, with the aid of helping together with your each day routines and getting to know your personal choices. At release, existence bot’s alexa app has a handful of hints up its sleeve. It is able to find your misplaced smartphone, for instance, by means of giving it a hoop. Or it may textual content you reminders at a scheduled time. It could even help you meditate or do yoga at your desk.

However lifestyles bot’s longer-term ambition is to examine from its users, then be capable of kick-off customized workflows with a unmarried voice command.

A destiny model of the app may want to reply to a command like “exact morning” with the aid of launching a sequence of updates that might fluctuate from user to consumer.

For example, one man or woman might first pay attention their morning briefing, then launch right into a meditation consultation. Another may have alexa dictate their agenda for the day, then receive a listing of reminders which might be in want of scheduling. (to be clear, existence bot might be jogging content material in its personal app, now not launching other abilities.)

The concept for this jack-of-all-trades voice bot comes from co-founders jess williams and oscar merry, who previously founded london-based voice design agency opearlo. The organisation did client paintings for some of organizations, inclusive of unilever, that wanted to make their services and products available via voice.

“we kept figuring out the issues that brands had been facing, and we concept there was a big possibility to create the first voice app that people love — and one which human beings without a doubt use each day,” explains williams.

The founders Sold opearlo and joined y combinator’s summer class.

What’s smart approximately the implementation of this voice app is that it’s operating around several challenges facing voice app adoption these days — including discovery, human beings’s confusion over how to use the voice apps themselves and voice apps’ confined incapability to reach users outside the house.

“humans love alexa, but we haven’t yet gotten into the addiction of questioning ‘i wager there’s a ability for that,’ like we do with cellular apps,” says williams. In element, that’s due to the fact alexa is a new technology, she notes. “however also, there aren’t any outside triggers to remind you to apply alexa. In case you don’t form the dependancy yourself, it’s very tough to recollect to apply her,” williams continues.

Worse nonetheless is making an attempt to bear in mind a way to invoke the abilities the use of the proper syntax and commands.

To make it simpler to get started, existence bot combines voice app capability with textual content messaging.

Whilst you first set up the skill, life bot asks to your phone range. The app then texts a welcome message for your telephone and asks for your name. After you reply, it’ll return with recommendations of things to attempt. Having your handheld like this via the onboarding process makes it a lot easier to get commenced with lifestyles bot, as compared with other voice apps.

Plus, now that lifestyl

es bot has your telephone quantity, the app can connect to you whilst you’re far from alexa, too. Whilst alexa itself has reminders and to-dos, her reach is greater constrained. You may take a look at to your reminders through the alexa app, but after they move live, they’re despatched to certainly one of your alexa-powered devices, like your echo or echo dot.

Lifestyles bot, however, can just textual content your cellphone alternatively.


In time, the plan is to introduce new features in existence bot, starting with to-dos. In that case, lifestyles bot will just textual content your entire to-do listing to you at a date and time you specify. In some extra months, the crew hopes to have the personalization elements running, too.

And finally, you’ll be capable of use lifestyles bot on different voice platforms, like google home, cortana and more.

The startup has no immediately plans for monetization, however may accomplice with others to carry their content into its voice app afterward.

Currently bootstrapped, save for y combinator’s investment, existence bot’s crew of three pursuits to raise a seed round whilst the yc summer application completes.